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If an organization is officially recognized by your nation as a non-profit organization, we can sell to that organization a one year SketchUp Pro license.

You must provide Cadalog, Inc. details of the non-profit organization including web site, contact name, contact email address before license (s) will be sent to you.

Here are the details:

 Cost/Configuration - New Non-Profit licenses will be configured as one Institutional Laptop License, and cost MSRP per seat:

      $39.00 per license for a non-profit customer 
 NOTE: this is exactly like Trimble's current Laptop License configuration in that the customer will receive one single-user license with multiple activations (seats)
       There is no limit on how many seats they can order.
       License serial number prefix will be "RN"

    Meeting Non_profit ORG criteria - use this Wiki page as the criteria -

 Current Non-Profit Grant license holders - the customer can continue to upgrade any existing non-expired licenses to the newest version for free. Once the original license has expired, the organization will have to purchase a new license from a reseller.

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