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SU Podium V2 Reference Guide by Nicolas Harvey. Nicolas Harvey has been providing technical support for SU Podium V2 at Cadalog, Inc. for over a year. He is also an architectural student at Laval University in Quebec and a SketchUp Pro/ SU Podium trainer. This reference guide is based on his experience as an expert Podium user, trainer and many hours in Podium support. The reference guide is 48 pages that starts with a quick look at all the basic features of SU Podium V2. Then it moves on to extremely useful tips on how to use natural and artificial lighting and material properties to create high quality, photo-realistic images. It also includes tutorials on how to effectively use post processing (Photoshop and any image editor) to enhance Podium created images. There is also a chapter on Problems and Solutions and some sample Podium property settings.

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