Podium Browser 2020 Upgrade

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Podium Browser 2020 Stand Alone Upgrade is strictly for Podium Browser V2.x Paid content users.

Podium Browser 2020 Stand Alone is a SketchUp 2017 - 2020 Win/ Mac extension.  It is an enhancement to the previous Podium Browser V2.x version.  Improvements are in user interface speed, categorization, increased 3D content and search.  The user interface is based on HTML5 and will allow Cadalog, Inc. to continue to make improvements to categorization and searches.

Podium Browser 2020 license expires in one year.

NOTE - please do not purchase this upgrade if you have SU Podium V2.6 or higher or are planning to purchase SU Podium V2.6.  Podium Browser 2020 is included in SU Podium V2.6.

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